14 Common Home Seller Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re interested in selling your home, then you want to avoid common pitfalls. Here at JAM Properties, LLC we work with homeowners that need to sell property quickly. Providing only the best service possible, we want to ensure that owners avoid these common mistakes. 

1. Pricing Too High 

Although your home may seem to be invaluable to you, its location, condition and other factors play a role in its price. A seasoned real estate expert or team can provide you with information about a reasonable price for your home. 

2. Not Being Flexible with Financing

Make sure that you understand all of the financing options. However, if you want to sell your home quickly, you may need to be flexible.

3. Selling a House at an Inopportune Time

The housing market changes throughout the year. Think about whether it’s a good time to sell or if you would get a higher price by waiting a few months.

4. Not Allowing Showings

If you’re selling a house that is currently your home, you may not want to have it available to be shown at all times. There are many ways to show a house but try to be as flexible as possible. Most people will not buy a house sight-unseen, so try to accommodate to allow in as many interested parties as possible. 

5. Not Using Current Market Technology

Regardless of when you sell, you should only sell with someone who is knowledgeable on the latest trends and marketing research. They should know what sites to post your home on and how to manage the marketing and sales processes.

6. Not Staging the House

Staging a house greatly improves your chance of selling quickly and for a higher price.  It allows buyers to visualize themselves living in the space.  Make sure that your house has a neutral appearance so that almost any buyer could see it as home.  If you are still living in the house, make things as tidy as possible and remove personal items that detract buyers from connecting with the home. 

7. Believing that Sales are Strictly Seasonal

Property sells throughout the year so don’t restrict selling in the winter months.  While spring and summer tend to be more popular, there is usually less inventory in the winter months.  This translates to less competition for you and an overall higher sales price.  

8. Pricing Too Low

Just like pricing too high, you want to ensure that you’re not leaving money on the table.  Contact a real estate expert in your area or licensed appraiser. 

9. Ignoring the Importance of a First Impression

Sales are easily lost by cluttered yards, dirt, and other factors. Make sure that your house looks presentable when you first drive up and walk in the door. 

10. Not Making the Right Repairs

Although making some repairs is a wise decision, consult with an expert about which ones make the most sense.  Not all repairs or renovations convert to added value. 

11. Not Giving It Enough Time

Homes can take 3-6 months to sell so plan ahead when possible. This will keep you from accepting disappointing offers. 

12. Not Screening Prospects

You or your agent should be able to prequalify prospects to avoid any problems down the road.

13. Believing You Can't Make a Difference

Just because you may have an agent doesn’t mean that you can’t also do your own work of selling a house.  Contact neighbors or other community members who may know someone interested in moving to the area.

14. Testing the Market

Never put a house on the market unless you actually want to sell it. If indecisive, resolve any concerns before you list.  It doesn’t look promising to prospective buyers when they see your house constantly listed and delisted.

JAM Properties, LLC is a real estate solutions and redevelopment company located in Orange County, CA.  We buy, renovate, and sell properties throughout our community.  We also offer real estate assistance to anyone who may be in need.  Please reach out to us at 949.438.4343 or info@jampropertiesca.com.   We buy houses directly from homeowners and can make you a cash offer for your house. 

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