3 Easy DIY Home Renovations That Will Keep Rodents and Pests Out

This Guest Blog was Written By: Jessica Loticus

Seal Up Your Home’s Exterior

The best way to keep out mice, rats, ants, and other pests is to stop them from getting into your house in the first place. These rodents and insects are really small, and this lets them get inside your home through the smallest of openings. That’s why it’s essential to go around your home and look for any pathways the pests can use to get inside your house.

Make sure to survey your entire home, especially the exterior walls. You should keep an eye out for any signs of damage, even if they look too small to be used by these pests. There are a lot of possible entry points, but some common ones are holes in your wall, tiny cracks, or wood rot if you have a wooden home.

Once you’ve found all these areas, you should go around filling them in with the proper material. This can be done with wooden planks, bricks, or plaster.

While you’re repairing your home’s exterior, it’s a good idea to seal up your windows if they have a slight gap that ants or other insects can crawl through.

Upgrade Your Fence

Fences are a great way of keeping out unwanted wildlife. It’s fantastic at preventing mice, squirrels, and other animals from getting in. It can also keep out insects who get into your home by climbing on the backs of a larger animal. Learn about insect pests here.

Odds are that you already have a fence. If you don’t, it’s highly recommended you install one. These physical barriers can do wonders to keep out those unwanted pests.

You can start upgrading your fence by first taking a look and repairing it where needed. Like your walls, your fence might develop holes or could start rotting over time. That’s why you should regularly check up on it and do any maintenance needed.

Once your fence is looking good, you can install a few trinkets to make it even better. A fence roller or roll bar is one of the best choices, as it prevents even the best climbers from getting inside. Once the animal gets to it, it’ll start to spin and will throw them right off.

Tend to Your Garden

Tending to your garden can also keep out unwanted pests.

Mice and other small animals are known to get inside your home by hiding inside bushes and overgrown grass, or by climbing up trees to cross your fence or gain access to your roof. The same is true for ants and other insects.

By keeping your grass cut short and your bushes and trees trimmed, you’ll be removing these animals’ hiding places and will stop them from getting into your home!

Yet there’s still a lot you can do in your garden to keep out these unwanted pests. You can try planting a number of plants and herbs. Many pests are irritated by the strong smells of rosemary, garlic cloves, and many other plants. By planting some in your garden, you can repel these pests, make your yard look beautiful, and grow your own cooking ingredients!

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