5 Super Easy Home Maintenance Tips That Will Save You BIG Money

Whether you are a homeowner, or are considering buying or selling a house, you may be aware of the benefits of performing routine maintenance in your home. As your home can endure damage daily and experience everyday wear and tear, homeowners are required to properly maintain their home by performing regular upkeep. While this can make home-ownership more challenging, regular home maintenance can protect you from the major damages that can arise. This can ultimately save the homeowner money in the long run, as they won’t have to pay for hefty repairs or premiums for their insurance policies. If you are looking to save a bit of money, consider using these five home maintenance tips.

Clear Your Gutters

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Gutters are considered the arteries of your home. They act as a protective barrier around your doors, windows, ceiling, and foundation. As such, it is recommended that you keep the pathways clear of debris to ensure your home is disposing of stuff that it does not need. Clogged gutters can cause major issues for your home. They don’t allow water to freely flow the way it should and cause backup that can lead to flooding or mold. As clogged gutters can cause damage to your home, it is recommended that homeowners routinely clean out their gutters. While you can look to a professional for assistance with the project, this is a task that homeowners can complete on their own. Whether your gutters are filled with vegetation, leaves, or other types of debris, you may want to clean your gutters right away.

Clean Vents and Filters

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Another useful tip for maintaining your home is to routinely check and clean your vents and filters. Although this may range from your dryer vents to heater filters, cleaning the ventilation in your home can do wonders. For example, ignoring the filter in your AC unit can lead to an early system failure. Therefore, you may save money in the long run by avoiding the cost of repairs. In addition to saving money, cleaning your home’s vents and filters will foster a cleaner living environment. By routinely cleaning your vents, your airflow efficiency will improve significantly and people will find that they can breathe easier. Cleaning your home’s ventilation system removes odors and unpleasant smells while also reducing the allergens and irritants in the air. Therefore, there is a multitude of benefits of maintenance of your home’s ventilation system.

Routinely Check Water-Based Appliances

If you are a homeowner or are selling a house, you may want to consider routinely checking your water-based appliances to keep your home properly maintained. This includes your water heater and septic tank. As these devices can cause great damage to your home, it is recommended that you keep an eye out for them. On average, the cost of a home water damage insurance claim is $6,975. Therefore, at some point you may need to drain your water heater and pump your septic tank. While this can extend the life of the system, it will also keep your system from leaking or springing as a result of sewage backup. Furthermore, if you are looking to sell a home, a faulty water system can lessen the value of a home. If you are looking to put your house on the market, you may be concerned with maintaining a high property value.

Deep Clean Carpets

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Although you may routinely break out your vacuum to rid the floor of your home of dirt, it is recommended that you often treat your floor with a deeper cleaning. As a number of bacteria can settle into your rugs and carpets, simply vacuuming may not be enough in some cases. In these cases, you may want to consider shampooing your carpets or hiring a professional to treat your floors. Although you can save money by performing the work on your own, a professional can provide you with unmatched quality. Similar to cleaning your home’s ventilation, your carpets also have a variety of benefits of maintenance. Deep cleaning your carpets will foster a cleaner living environment by dispelling the odors and irritants that hide among them.

Clean Your Refrigerator Coils

Whether you are looking to sell a home, or maintain your own home, it is recommended that you keep your refrigerator coils clean. Dirty refrigerator coils can cause your generator to work harder and thus consume more energy. Dirty coils can also cause a lot of damage to your refrigerator unit altogether. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean your coils once every three to six months. Although it sounds like a difficult task, you can rest assured that it is one of the easier household chores. ______________________ Authored by: Ashley Stephan Authored Bio: My daytime job is working as a graphic designer in a stealth FinTech startup. I spend my evenings learning about home improvement. From time to time I write about these very concepts to share what I’ve learned. My hobbies include swimming, gardening, and binge-watching popular TV shows. Twitter ID: @AshleyStephan9 Author Photo: Headshot Link  

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