Buying A Home During the Holiday Season

Many consider buying a house during the holiday season an inadequate time. Usually, you have to fight against difficult weather, and people are busy with seasonal activities. Nevertheless, following some simple suggestions can turn buying a home during the holidays into a smart decision.

Less competition

The holiday season is a great period of time to search for your new house.  People often do not enter the real estate world during this time of the year, meaning you will have more places to see, more time to visit them, and fewer chances of losing a house to a higher offer. Additionally, there are more real estate agents available during this time of the year.

Good deals

Another element that you could benefit from buying a home during the holiday season is the low price that sellers establish to their houses. The holiday season again is not the preferred time for people to sell a house, which means that if someone is selling their own, they might be in a hurry. Buyers could take advantage of this situation to purchase a low-priced home.

Dedicated attention

Real estate agencies have fewer customers during the last months of the year, so deciding to buy a house at that time will probably get you a committed real estate agent eager to close a deal for you. The agent should have enough time to show you a myriad of options.

Interest rates

During the holidays few people look to borrow, which makes interest rates on mortgages lower. A piece of advice is to talk to your bank with enough anticipation about these lower rates, so you can avoid finding your bank closed because of the holidays. Even small decreases in the usual interest mortgage rates end up meaning a huge difference in savings over the life of a mortgage.

Faster closing process

Most sellers have an interest in closing transactions before the holidays. People buying houses will often want to unpack and establish themselves before the new year arrives as well. A real estate agent will also want to add their commission to this year’s income.  All of this means that people are eager to make the buying process as quick as possible.

Following the right steps during the holiday season could help you get the best deals when buying or selling a house.

JAM Properties, LLC

Additionally, with JAM Properties, LLC you can maximize your home’s profit. We are a real estate investment company specialized in buying distressed properties, rehabbing them, and finally selling them.

We are not realtors and charge neither commissions nor realtor fees.  We are home buyers always looking for our next property to purchase.  For everyone interested in selling, JAM Properties, LLC is an excellent option as we buy homes for cash, as-is, and later renovate them before finding a new homeowner.  That means you can sell your home to us without having to do any repairs. 

We can also provide answers and advice about the process and strategy of fixing and flipping houses. We are located in Orange County, CA and buy properties in all nearby areas.

JAM Properties, LLC seeks to offer solutions for all involved and is focused on giving back to the community along with serving our clients.

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