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One of the favorite regions that JAM Properties services is Costa Mesa. As part of Orange County, it has a total land area a little over 15 square miles that caters to over 109,000 people. With a range of attractions from Crevier Classic Cars to the Lab Anti-Mall and the Pacific Symphony, Costa Mesa is a great place to raise a family, find employment and set up your own business.

Costa Mesa – a Helpful Business Environment

JAM Properties loves the way the local government of Costa Mesa provides a range of business guides and services that will help you. Most businesses can operate quickly and will only require a zoning approval, a business license and certificate of occupancy to begin their business operations in Costa Mesa. For a full list of permits required, jump onto the government website and download the checklists to save yourself time and money while starting your income generation as soon as possible. Contact us today and we will help you find the right home for your family.

Find a Great Family Home with JAM Properties

If you have children, Tewinkle Park is a wonderful place to visit as it has animals such as turtles and geese with available gazebos for relaxing and enjoying the waterfall. Of real interest to working parents and fashion-conscious teenagers, is in 2015 the $2-billion brand of Vans moved its headquarters to Costa Mesa too. The move by this 50 year old sportswear brand was due to the expectation of highly-skilled workers joining the Vans team. If you are looking for employment in Costa Mesa, there are a range of growing industries with higher salary ranges. The top five industries and average salaries are electronics ($103,000), professional services ($104,000), publishing ($117,000), utilities ($117,500) and investments ($187,000), with over 181,000 jobs available each year across just the top five! Other industries have a range of salaries, and there are plenty of opportunities for you and your family to settle into Costa Mesa and enjoy the lovely average climate of 72 degrees.

Costa Mesa is great for all ages!

For older citizens, there is plenty to do with healthcare and fitness networks providing fun, engaging activities for all ages. The Costa Mesa Senior Center provides the full assortment of health, wellness, fitness and advice to seniors, making a lively, safe community to be part of. If you are interested in moving out of your family home and downsizing as you enjoy your retirement, do contact JAM Properties regardless of the condition of your property, as we specialize in buying distressed properties and buying your house fast.

JAM Properties – your partner in homeownership!

We are Costa Mesa’s premiere real estate solutions company, and since our inception we have been helping homeowners with a wide variety of real estate problems. Don’t think you are alone, or that it is too difficult to get the home and income you really want for your family’s future. Our part of your journey will be helping you find the right house to call your home.

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