Easy Ways to Sell a House Quickly

Looking for easy ways to sell a house quickly?  Then, continue reading to find out 19 easy ways to sell a house quickly.  But first, let’s review why homeowners decide to sell a house quickly.

There are many reasons why owners choose to sell a house quickly.  These include:

  • If there is no additional depreciation to write off on the property
  • Personal abilities- tired of dealing with taxes, tenants, termites, and trash
  • You find a good (103) tax-free property exchange deal
  • You’re experiencing a negative cash flow for a few years without improving your situation
  • You are more interested in owning notes rather than owning properties
  • Change in personal circumstances- injury, divorce, etc.
  • Shifting your investment or business strategies- retirement or physical change

Easy Ways to Sell a House Quickly

  1. Contact JAM Properties, LLC, a real estate solutions company who will buy your house from you for cash with no realtor commissions or repairs needed
  2. Find an investor-friendly realtor to list your property (This will require you to pay realtor commissions)
  3. Run a classified advertisement in local papers
  4. Get a “For Sale” sign listing the address and contact info in your front yard
  5. Get additional “For Sale” signs and place at nearby streets near your home.
  6. Post your property online in Craigslist ads
  7. Post the property for sale on Facebook Marketplace
  8. Make your own website and then list your property

  9. Search Google for websites that list properties that are for sale by owner. There are already a few good ones: forsalebyowner.com,byownermls.com, zillow.com, redfin.com. These in addition to multiple other services can reach millions of buyers.

  10. Consider setting up an eBay auction to list and sell the property
  11. Pay for advertising with pay-per-click options such as Google Adwords that use your listing website
  12. Create an online banner advertisement to place on real-estate sites
  13. https://arrowrealty.com.au/stagesite/
  14. Join an REI forum like Creative Investors and Bigger Pockets Marketplace. These forums can help you share information about your property for sale.
  15. Contact local property management companies. They often get inquiries from local investors who want to buy and will be willing to share your property information.
  16. Create a “for sale” flyer. You can attend local real estate auctions, foreclosure auctions, and tax sales. These are usually filled with cash buyers. Hand out your flyers about your property and alert them that you may have additional properties for sale in the coming months.
  17. Paper your neighborhood with sale flyers. Your friends and neighbors who live in the area will often want to have their friends or family members living near them and may be passing your information to people they know.
  18. Develop a list of properties in your area that have been sold for cash in the past year. Include them with your for-sale flyer and ask the owners if they may be interested in additional purchases.
  19. Look for “for lease” or “for rent” signs and advertisements. Many of these property owners have more than one property. They may be interested in getting more real estate over time and could purchase your property.

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