Foreclosure is not the end of your family dreams

Foreclosure is not the end of your family dreams At JAM Properties, one of our greatest joys is helping families out of difficult property situations. Why? Because we are a family company. With 4358 foreclosures in California right now, we are here to help your family and ensure you can move on with your home ownership dreams. We are here to help people like the Bulnes Family avoid foreclosure and eviction, whatever condition your house is in.

JAM’s Independence

We’ve heard from so many desperate families that they believe their dreams of owning their own home has crashed and burned with the foreclosure notice on their door. This doesn’t have to be the case, because JAM Properties is independent from the banks, real estate agents and city legislators. We help you, advise you and ensure you can move on to pursue your home ownership dreams without carrying the weight of a damaged, burned-out or debt-burdened property.

Of particular interest to JAM Properties is the Orange County, California area. According to the ATTOM Data Warehouse, home ownership in California is the third-lowest in the United States! We’re committed to changing this by providing families with a fast and no-hassle sale right when you need it, even if your property is distressed. So, what does distressed mean?

The Slowness Process of Real Estate Agents

When you deal with a real estate agent you will need to follow their directions and fix, repair, improve or change the parts of your house they think are not good enough. It could be you need to add a garden, repaint a fence, move a wall or improve the heating. In addition, the price they suggest will depend on the number of buyers they have in their database, the number of other properties they are representing and other houses in the same neighborhood. If they do find a buyer for a price near what you need for your house, the buyer will probably have to obtain finance from their bank, wait for approval, have specific conditions they need to meet… this may take months. Repairs and finance are the major problem for home owners that need to sell their house quickly.

Distressed Properties

Distressed properties may need repairs, the plumbing fixed or the foundations improved, all the way to significant fire-damage that make the house unable to be lived in. Real estate agents don’t see value in distressed properties because they are focused on getting the highest commission possible from the sale. JAM Properties is seeking distressed properties and we buy for cash, no delays and we buy your house exactly as-is. We don’t need a bank, no finance needed or conditions that you need to wait for. There are no delays when you work with JAM Properties, such as the beautiful family home we bought and fixed in Escalon St, Temecula. When we offer to buy your house, there is no one else you need to deal with, just us. This means you have no fear, no waiting, no concerns about us changing our mind.

Let’s Talk

Foreclosure does not need to end your family dreams. Regardless of the condition of your house, we are interested in talking to you right now. Do you have a fire-damaged house? Call us now.

Is your home needing repairs before you list it for sale? Contact us right away. Need to get out of your mortgage foreclosure and move on to the next stage of your dreams? We are here to help.

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