Orange County, CA Division

Gerry Hedden

Gerry has an extensive background as a licensed electrician and contractor. He’s always enjoyed the challenge of being able to fix anything. As the years passed, however, he became tired of crawling around in attics and pursued a degree in computer information management. He obtained numerous certifications to help him in his pursuit of becoming a facilities engineer for a major corporation in Orange County. He enjoys managing the contractors and people that keep the systems running smoothly so that the company can continue to strive for success.

Gerry became interested in real estate several years ago, and he and his wife began purchasing rental properties. His passion and desire for “fixing things” led him to his current role as a real estate renovator. His past experiences in construction and facilities management have given him the perfect combination for assessing a home and running a rehab. He especially enjoys watching others crawl around in attics! In his spare time, Gerry loves building and flying remote control airplanes. He’s a husband and father of two daughters, and he enjoys hanging out with his family as much as possible.

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