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Real estate investors and homeowners love the feeling of purchasing a new property.  Having the solid physical permanence of owning such a large asset is one of the best feelings one can have. Once you’ve gained the profit you want or discovered a new opportunity, the time comes to move on, and we can help homeowners with reselling their property. Sometimes, the desire to sell your property is not by choice. Here are some of the key areas where JAM Properties helps apartment and home owners to get out, get cash and get moving!

Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Avoidance

Why go through a foreclosure when you don’t have to? Bankruptcy can stay on your credit record for up to 7 years and that is a long time! Other assets such as cars, boats and personal property might be taken by the court and sold to help pay the debt. Therefore, bankruptcy affects not only your present lifestyle but also impacts your future financial momentum. You can avoid bankruptcy and your home being foreclosed by speaking with us now – we won’t waste your time. We close property sales quickly and with cash.

Debt Removal, Renegotiation and Credit Repair

If your credit rating takes a hit due to the bank repossessing your home or other personal debts overwhelming your ability to meet all the payments, there can be stress, worry and concern for you and your family. Stop, don’t let it get that far. Contact us, as we specialize in helping you to repair your credit before you need to, i.e. before you receive a judgement against you in the courts. JAM Properties will either buy your house without the need to pay real estate agent commissions (saving you thousands of dollars) or we can assist you with the right plan to sell your house while keeping the bank and other lenders happy; our relationship with the banks and lenders is excellent.


A home is a great asset; you can live in it, the home increases in value each year, and you can use it as security for other loans when needed. These benefits can also become a burden when the number of loans and amount of debt listed against your home is larger than the real value of the property. Get out of this situation fast. Contact Jam Properties today to ensure your overleveraged property is sold and all other debts are paid off. Do it now so you can get the cash you need and then get moving on to the next stage of your life.

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