Home Inspections: Are They Worth the Cost?

Home inspections are an essential element when purchasing a home. Purchasing a home is a significant and long-term expense. While you may have landed an amazing deal on the home, there are additional fees associated with the purchase. These include closing costs, broker fees, private mortgage insurance, and inspections. Overlooking a home inspection may be tempting; however, it comes with tremendous risks. An inspection can save you thousands down the line. Even if the home looks flawless, an inspection is always necessary to assure your home is in good condition.

There are a few things to consider when embarking on this journey. Let’s break down the most helpful tips when it comes to home inspections.

Don't Go Off the Seller's Word

Often times a home may be in tip top shape, according to the seller. A professional opinion by a certified inspector is needed to confirm the home is truly in optimal condition. A home inspection can discover thousands worth of repairs that are invisible to the naked eye. For example, shingles on a roof, plumbing issues, and fire hazards are important factors to identify with a home inspection. These problems left untreated could escalate into more serious issues down the line. The cost of an inspection is well worth it, especially when it avoids thousands worth of repairs prior to moving in.

Anticipate Future Costs

A proper home inspection is important for anticipating future costs. A certified inspector will be able to help anticipate future costs such as replacing a water heater. An inspector may not write it down in their report, however they will often let the prospective homeowner know that a replacement will be needed soon. For this reason, it is a good idea to be present during the time of the home inspection.  This can help you plan and make strategic decisions about your home that will save you money. For example, you may opt for home warranty insurance which can cover the cost of appliance replacement. An inspection gives insight into the future safety and wellness of your home.  

Avoid Bribes in Exchange for An Inspection

If the seller offers a reduced price on the contingency you agree to forgo or not do the inspection, never accept the deal. If a seller is motivated to skip a home inspection, this is a major red flag. A home inspection is quick, only taking a few hours to complete. Also, the cost is payed for by the buyer and is relatively inexpensive. For this reason, if a seller is advising against an inspection, a larger issue is likely present. Many buyers have experienced this situation and the consensus is always the same: never forgo an inspection. Often times if the home was remodeled by an amateur contractor, major issues will be present. Some examples include rotting support beams, an unstable roof, and a sinking foundation. These issues are serious and could potentially cost the buyer thousands upon thousands to correct. A home inspection is a small initial price to pay, saving you from catastrophic bills in the future.

Contacting the Right Real Estate Solutions Company

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