How Do Home Inspections Work?

If you’re interested in purchasing a home, then you’ve probably heard of having a home inspection done. This is not required in all cases but it’s often a good idea. After all, no home is perfect, and a home inspection can give you an idea of the condition of the space. However, for a new homebuyer, they often wonder, how do home inspections work? This article provides an overview of the process.

What is a Home Inspection?

When you’re in the process of closing the sale on a house, the buyer will hire a home inspector to perform a visual inspection of the house. In accordance with the standards put forth by the state, the inspector will identify any problem with the house including health, safety, and mechanical problems. The requirements can vary slightly depending on the area. For example, inspections in Orange County, California will be different than inspections performed in other states since the building codes may be different. However, all inspections are designed to find areas of deficiency or things that are not functioning properly.

When Does It Happen?

When it comes to selling a house, there are two types of inspections. The buyer’s inspection and the seller’s inspection. The seller’s home inspection is done before the house is listed. Some sellers want to know if they need to fix any problems before listing the home and they’ll pay for the house to be inspected. The buyer’s inspection occurs after making an offer on the home and before closing the sale. Depending on the findings, the buyer has the choice to renegotiate their offer or request that repairs be made.

How Long Does It Take?

Although an inspection will depend on the size of the house, a typical inspection takes about 3-4 days total to complete for the average sized home. This time allows the inspector to get a thorough view of both the interior and exterior of the house. Then, the inspector writes up the findings and presents the final report when completed.

During this process, anyone is allowed to be present. However, the person who arranges and schedules the inspection should be present while the inspector is reviewing the building. Since home inspectors can also provide answers to any questions that might arise during the process, it’s a good idea to attend it and hear the findings firsthand.

What Inspectors Don't Cover

Major repairs can affect the buyer’s decision to purchase a home. The seller should disclose the repairs that have been done before the house is listed for sale. Knowing the history of repairs, and the reasons for them, is important so that buyers can give extra attention to the once damaged parts of the property and for them to prepare for future problems. Knowing this history will also help a new buyer to better care for their home.

Inspectors are primarily concerned with safety issues and won’t look for anything cosmetic in a home unless it has a safety issue. For example, they won’t report peeling wallpaper but would report cracks or water stains that they find.

Having an Inspection Performed

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