How to Hire the Perfect Contractor

One of the things that can add major value to your house is a home renovation. It can be a great investment, because it improves the level of functionality of the house, increases the home’s efficiency, and boosts its selling potential. Depending on the renovations you make, you may be able to get a high level of return on your investment.  However, renovating a home can also be an overwhelming and stressful experience. Most homeowners feel as though they are not prepared to tackle the renovation without professional help and expertise. Because of this, it is important to find and hire a reliable general contractor to oversee your project. They are professionals in home remodeling and know all the risk factors involved in them. Hiring the perfect contractor will make your home renovation experience safe and stress-free. Here are four tips that will help you hire the best contractor in Orange County, California.

Define Your Project

Before you start searching for a contractor, it is important to have a detailed plan of what you want out of your home remodel.  This includes all the specifications such as finishes, plumbing fixtures, concepts, preferred materials, color, accessories, and appliances. Doing this planning up front will save both you and the potential contractor time, and you can see if he or she is willing to do the work as you envisioned it. A good contractor will listen to your requests and provide meaningful feedback and insight. They will also be passionate about their work

Make Sure the Contractor Has All the Necessary Licenses and Insurance

Some states require licenses for all contractors. Find out about your state’s requirements, and what certifications and licenses a contractor should have. It is important to verify that a contractor has these licenses before a project begins. Another important aspect is insurance. Accidents and risks are quite normal in the construction industry, so make sure they have insurance to protect themselves, their family, and your home.

Check the Contractor's Previous Work

It is best to find a contractor that has experience working with renovation projects similar to yours. This means that you should ask them about their previous work, contact their previous clients, and ask them about their experience and level of satisfaction with the contractor’s work. If you like what you see, and the previous clients give you positive reviews about the contractor’s work, then you will probably be happy working with them too. Even better, if they are currently working on a project, ask if you can visit the current job site and see how he or she works.

Make a Contract

Once you have found the right contractor, it is extremely important to request a contract. This protects you legally during the renovation process. Make sure the contract includes the following information:

  • The project’s start date and the length of time for completion.
  • The payment plan and schedule.
  • Detailed information on all the stages of the project.
  • The required materials.
  • Names of all the workers that will be on site.
  • Names of suppliers and companies the contractor will subcontract.
  • A termination clause.

Review the contract, and if you find that there is missing information, ask for a review.

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