If you are considering remodeling your home or want to build a new one, you should definitely get some help from a designer. They will save you time and do more than just place furniture. They know how to make your space look aesthetically pleasing while taking into consideration space, lighting, color palette, and your budget. When you are ready to hire a designer for your project, we have provided you with a list of helpful tips.

Determine Which Type of Designer You Will Need

The type of design you need will depend on how big your project is. If you just need some help with small projects, wallpaper, accessories, and decor items, you should hire an interior decorator. They charge less than designers but will give your house a makeover. If your project is bigger or requires handling construction elements, then your best choice is an interior designer. They are capable of handling projects of all sizes and know how to read and review architectural plans and help you at different levels of the project. They charge more, but they have experience with large projects and more skills.

Determine your Top Priorities

Are you looking for a designer that has experience in a certain style? Do you expect the person to have specialization working with kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas of the house? Think about this before hiring a designer. It is also important to set a budget and timeline and verify if they can work with it.

Ask Friends and Professionals

If any of your friends have gone through a home remodel recently, or know someone who has, ask them about recommendations. You can also ask the professionals that you are working with on the project about recommendations. Chances are that the architect or contractor may know a reputable designer that provides high-quality work.

Check their Credentials and Previous Work

Is the designer certified? The more certifications the designer has, the more likely he or she is capable of performing a premium job. Besides certifications, previous work matters in particular if you are looking for a specific style. Ask them to provide you with a gallery of images that relate to your project. Before meeting the designer, you can create a vision board or collect some images from Pinterest so they can have an idea of what you want.

Trust your Instinct

Do you feel the designer has good energy? Do you connect with them? Do you feel that you will get along well during the duration of the project? You will know this during the initial contact, so just trust your instinct. Communication is important to ensure good work. Be specific about your vision and all the little details that you want. The designer should be receptive to your ideas, provide you advice, and take into consideration all your thoughts. After all, the space they will design should be a reflection of your personality and desire.

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