How to Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Even if your bathroom is small, it doesn’t always have to look like it. As you plan on renovating your home for resale or any other reason, you may have noticed that the size of your bathroom is a limitation.  However, you may not want to spend the time and money to make your bathroom larger.  What else can you do?  Our real estate experience renovating homes here in Orange County, California, has exposed us to unlimited bathroom remodeling and renovation options. Below are tips on how to make a small bathroom look bigger.

1.  Install Larger Mirrors

Mirrors create the illusion of space in almost any room. They also reflect more light back into the room. Since you probably already have bathroom mirrors, consider adding larger-sized mirrors which will reflect more light. The more reflected light opens up your bathroom space and helps it to appear bigger. Frameless mirrors are even better since they contribute to the illusion of a bigger space.

2.  Brighten the Bathroom

Brighter rooms appear bigger than small, darkly lit rooms. You can brighten your bathroom by changing thecolor of the walls. Paint the ceiling and walls using the same light hue to make the room appear almost twice its size. Different colors tend to compartmentalize a room, making it feel smaller. You can also brighten the bathroom by increasing natural light. An easy way to do this is by cleaning your bathroom windows regularly, which is a fairly easy and inexpensive task. Also, use sheer window coverings to maximize natural lighting.

3.  Install a Clear Glass Frameless Shower Enclosure

The shower and the bathtub are usually the largest items in a bathroom. Because of this, they can really break up the space and make it seem smaller.   Unfortunately, removing the shower enclosure all together is not always an option. Therefore, the best option is to make the enclosure transparent. Frameless shower enclosures are made of thick tempered glass held together at the corners. A frameless glass enclosure makes the shower as invisible as possible, making the bathroom appear bigger.

4.  Install a Sliding Door

Swinging doors tend to swallow most spaces, sometimes almost half of a room, depending on the bathroom size. A sliding or pocket door rarely takes up much bathroom space, whether it is open or closed.

5.  Streamline Storage Spaces

Keep your storage spaces flush with the walls as much as possible. Storage spaces that stick out tend to occupy lots of space. You can install medicine cabinets or recessed shelving. You can also replace your bathroom vanity cabinet with pedestal sinks or a floating countertop.

6.  Reduce Clutter in the Bathroom

Clutter tends to crowd up space, making it appear smaller. As a rule of thumb, if you don’t need it there, keep it in a different location. Ensure your bathroom has only the essentials and nothing else. You can do this by going easy on your decorations. Decorations are fun and make a smaller bathroom feel warm and inviting. However, if you are going for larger bathroom size, consider thinning out some decorations like small rugs and artwork.

Bottom Line

Bathroom renovations are crucial for homeowners looking to sell their homes. If you want to make your bathroom look bigger, consider talking to a real estate and housingexpert.

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