How to Negotiate with Contractors

Everyone loves getting the best deal, and this applies when buying, selling or simply renovating a house. Even though quality jobs do not come cheap, you can settle on a friendly price that you and also your contractor will appreciate if you approach the matter smartly. Thus, if you have a tight budget and really want that home improvement project done right to satisfaction, this article is for you!

How to Negotiate with Contractors

Compare Multiple Bids

When it comes to the scope of work, never ever compare apples to oranges. But if presented bids are relatively the same, be sure to call your contractors and give each one of them the scoop on bid prices. Getting multiple bids will not only assist you to see the bigger picture, but it will also help you tell apples from oranges. Therefore, once you begin to compare the bids ensure they are alike in what they are offering so that you can effectively compare apples to apples. Occasionally, contractors might reduce or adjust their bids in order to meet your needs

Negotiate for Discounts

If more than two bids have close pricing, ask every contractor if there are any services they are willing to come down on in price in order to get hired. One or two contractors might be willing to cut costs in a few areas, especially if you have a big project. This could potentially help you save some money on the entire project.


To save some cash on your home improvement project, doing it yourself will be a sure bet! Some tasks like demolition can be pricey and time-consuming when added to the contract. So, if you got some tools, experience and don’t mind breaking a sweat, then get it done. If correct, a contractor will deduct those labor hours for the job part, hence lowering the cost in the long run.

Hire the Contractor as a Consultant

If you are a savvy DIY guy or gal, consider asking the contractor to act as your consultant where he/she will be giving specific instructions as well as checking details when you finish basic tasks. In fact, some contractors can permit you to use their licenses and be your own do-it-yourself contractor. This allows someone to do some personal touches on the home improvement project while sticking to their tight budget and having oversight. Should you prefer this route, nevertheless, do not expect any skilled labor fees’ reduction for the project’s portion that remains uncompleted.


It’s much harder to negotiate with a contractor for a discounted price at the height of the building season. Depending on your region, most building projects are done in summer, spring and fall. Therefore, contractors tend to have more downtime and be hungrier for jobs during the winter. Thus, if you obtain bids in the middle of winter, you will likely be in a position to get a better deal.

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Problems with neighbors can be a common issue for new owners, especially if they are not aware of potential preexisting problems. As a buyer, you have the right to know if there are existing neighborhood disputes, so you can avoid them. There is a likelihood that the problem with the neighbor can become a major civil issue once the owner of the house changes. It’s always better to know this beforehand.

Major repairs can affect the buyer’s decision to purchase a home. The seller should disclose the repairs that have been done before the house is listed for sale. Knowing the history of repairs, and the reasons for them, is important so that buyers can give extra attention to the once damaged parts of the property and for them to prepare for future problems. Knowing this history will also help a new buyer to better care for their home.

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