How to Sell a Distressed Property in Orange County, CA

If you are living in a house that needs some serious repairs or one that is worth less than what is owed on the mortgage, the last thing that may come to mind is selling it. Most homeowners in this situation are stuck between the decision to spend some money on renovations or sell their property with no profits at all. Distressed properties are hard to sell because most buyers prefer to move into a home which is in perfect condition. The good news to owners of distressed houses is that they can consider selling their property to real estate investment companies that are interested in fixing and flipping homes. 

Why Sell Your Distressed Property to a Real Estate Investment Company? 

Trying to renovate or repair a house that is not in a sale-able condition may not always be the wisest investment decision. First, it might be too expensive. You cannot always elevate your distressed house to a selling standard by simply applying paint to it. Sometimes the property may be in such bad shape that it requires comprehensive structural repairs that may even be more expensive than buying a new house given the long list of repairs and renovations needed. In any case, not many buyers are willing to invest in property that needs to be repaired extensively before they can move in.  If you own this kind of property, all is not lost yet because you only need to find the right buyer who can buy your distressed house at the existing market rates without you having to worry about repair or renovation costs. Often, you can also profit from the sale of your distressed property.

What Do Real Estate Investment Companies Do?

These companies can purchase a home that is in any condition and because they’re not realtors, you can avoid having to pay a costly commission. Their job is to ensure that you as the homeowner will not have to spend even a single penny on repairs and renovations before selling your property. All the repairs are taken care of by the real estate investment company after you receive your cash for the sale. Homeowners who decide to sell their houses this way often reap incredible benefits. They do not incur any realtor commissions, plus all the paperwork will be handled by the real estate investment company. These kinds of companies are also able to buy a wide variety of distressed properties, including foreclosures that are often hard to sell, as well as probates that may have been sitting vacant. 

Premiere Real Estate Solutions and Investment Company in Orange County, CA 

If you are a homeowner in Orange County, CA wondering what to do with your distressed house, we have the best solution for you. At JAM Properties, LLC, we specifically specialize in buying such properties regardless of their condition and we can act quickly in a timeframe that works well for you.  Hence, you do not have to worry about incurring late payments if you are in a tough financial situation.  We will purchase your house for all cash and at the best price point we can offer you.  Let us give you our free, personal advice on your current situation by calling 949-438-4343.  You can also learn more by clicking the box below

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