How You Can Enjoy Buying Your First House

Over a decade ago, renting made sense for many families. That’s because the housing bubble had burst and people’s homes lost a lot of value. However, things have gotten back to where they should be, and most homes are increasing in value.

That’s why now is a perfect time to buy your first house. It’s never an easy process, but there are some ways you can still buy a home and make things go as smoothly as possible. It starts by knowing what kind of home makes sense to you as a first-time buyer.

What Kind Of Home?

Not every home is the same, and there are some homes that says first-time buyers should skip. The first is the fixer-upper. Doing some work on the home sounds great, but you don’t have the experience or tools yet to take on so many important tasks. Big houses look great, but they are expensive and you end up paying for space you don’t need. A tiny house is a bad idea as well since you need some room to grow.

Then you have to decide between single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. How can you choose between these three? CNN Money recommends that you don’t let emotions guide your choice. If you get really excited about a home, make sure you can afford it. Likewise, don’t ignore a home just because it doesn’t have the best schools. Buying a home is an investment in your future; that means you have to make good financial decisions.

One Week Before Moving

You found your house, and your offer was accepted. Time has flown, and now you have one week to go before you officially move into the new place. This week can be an important one, which is why The Spruce has a page of one-week recommendations to make your move go smoothly.

Start by creating a plan so you don’t forget anything. Pay your present utilities and double-check that they are set to end on moving day. Then contact the utility companies (including internet) at your destination and make sure they are set to turn on the same day. Then go through and get everything else packed, change your address, and make sure your bank knows where you’re moving.

You also want to create an “instant aid” box during the last week. As Corrigan Moving explains, this is a box containing everything you’ll need when you first enter your new home. This includes toilet paper, medication, paper plates, cleaning supplies, a few tools, and some snacks and drinks. The last thing you need after moving is to hit the store for necessities.

Lessen Moving Day Stress

It’s finally here. Moving day has arrived, and chances are that you’re very stressed and anxious about everything. That’s entirely normal, which is why you should consider hiring professional movers. These people can do all the heavy lifting, and they have the experience needed to do so safely.

You can also reduce your moving day stress by moving at the right time and day. Mondays through Thursdays are easiest since fewer people try to move on those days. Just avoid the mornings. Here in Orange, CA, 9:00 AM is one of the busiest times to move. Consider getting on the road in the afternoon instead.

Enjoy The Home-Buying Process

No matter if it’s your first or you’re a veteran, buying a house can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. Choose your new home wisely, prepare for the week before moving, and head out when it’s not too busy. This way, you can enjoy the home-buying process as well as your new place.

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