JAM Properties Success Story

We are delighted to share our recent success story for this week’s blog.

There are many ways that we can help property owners in the real estate market to gain a quick, successful sale. In our recent engagement we partnered directly with the property owner – we call a FSBO (For Sale by Owner). In this case there is no real estate agent, no real estate agent fees, and the property owner has complete control with our full support.  This means that the seller/owner of the property decides to sell it on his or her own without a real estate agent.

Why did this property owner decide to use JAM Properties to help them with FSBO (For Sale by Owner)?

Most often, homeowners in the Carlsbad area are hit by high real estate agent’s fees. In most cases this represents up to 5% or more of the sale price of the house! On top of these commission fees, owners will have to fund the closing costs of escrow and title companies and any other costs to transfer the property into the ownership of the buyer.

One of the most common issues that homeowners need to confront is the amount of bureaucracy and paperwork that must be completed when advertising a house for sale and the process of selling a house. It can be very intimidating as the legal side of home ownership is not widely shared with most people and real estate laws can be very confusing and overwhelming to understand. Our team provided expert advice and guidance, which made the process clear, and we also ensured that our team of professionals answered the homeowner’s questions at all times.

So, how did we help them?

To reduce the burden, worry and fear, the JAM Properties teams removed the overwhelming concern. We agreed with the homeowner what the price was for the sale of the house. Because the house had tenants in it, we communicated with them to ensure the process was smooth and the communication was extremely clear for everyone. The tenants were able to have 90 days to find a new home and move out, for which they were grateful. The owner of the home was also relieved because he cared about the house and his tenants.

Because we have experienced escrow and title officers on our team, we were able to handle the contracts and closing details of the property.   The homeowner paid us no commissions, and we even paid his closing fees. There were some repairs that were needed, but we agreed to buy the house “as is”, and so didn’t ask him to make any of them. One of the many benefits for the owner was our payment of cash up front. There was no time delay, no finance to arrange and no fees to gain the funds.

If you want to work with honest people and leave the fees & challenge of real estate agents behind you, do contact us as soon as possible before listing your house for sale elsewhere.

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