Orange County, CA Division

Michelle Hedden

Michelle was born and raised in Orange County, CA. She has many talents, but her incredible drive and determination are the characteristics that have helped her most in life. Growing up, she loved gymnastics and learning. Though an injury prevented her from continuing her gymnastics career, she refocused her energies into her pursuit of becoming a doctor. Unfortunately, while in college she was diagnosed with a rare health condition and had to fight for her life. Once again, she relied on that drive and determination to get her through it. Her life goals were again altered.

Michelle is very creative and began to study interior design. At that point, she decided to join JAM Properties, LLC, and she became the lead interior designer. She continued her education and training in real estate, residential design, and online marketing. She’s an entrepreneur at heart and enjoys offering innovative and creative ideas, not only for design, but for helping to solve all real estate problems. Like the other members at JAM Properties, LLC, she wants to help people and find solutions that are beneficial for all involved.

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