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With vast experience in real estate Orange County CA, extensive knowledge and a network of resources, JAM Properties LLC is the areas’ premier real estate solutions and investment company.  Our focus is primarily on purchasing distressed properties, rehabbing them and later on selling them. We always target motivated sellers who may intend to sell their house in the future and are looking for a fast, convenient way.  Note that as a company, we are not realtors. Our business is to buy houses for cash, fix and flip them. We also teach and assist other investors in real estate to fix and flip homes.

Our years of expertise in business has allowed us to help homeowners in solving issues related to real estate.   With our capacity to directly buy houses and make cash offers, we are able to create a fast and hassle-free business transaction.   Our focus is to improve the living quality of the locals by improving the general state of homes for the residents and to rejuvenate their neighborhood. In addition, we also help those who face challenges from foreclosure, homes in major disrepair, over-leveraged properties or those who just intend to sell their home fast for cash. We never subject sellers to a realtor commission because we are NOT realtors.  We are buyers.  In addition, our team is dedicated to serving the community by donating a certain portion of our time and earnings to either non-profit organizations that provide services to the community or to charitable institutions.  

Our Real Estate Specialties

In summary, our real estate specialties include but are not limited to the following:

Avoidance of foreclosure  

REOs and Bank Owned Properties  

Vacant Properties  


Homes in major disrepair  

Credit Repair  

Selling your home with no realtor commissions  

Outside Liens or Clearing up judgments  

Debt renegotiation or removal  

Relocation assistance  

Structural or environmental problems  

Overleveraged properties  

Beginners homebuyer programs  

Apartment and House rentals  

Note that, we not only buy property, but we also sell our houses directly to purchasers. A majority of the homes that we sell to buyers are usually in move-in state and also fully renovated. If we do not have a house to sell to you directly, as our loyal client, we can easily connect you to one of our preferred licensed real estate agents who can assist you in accomplishing your goals.  

Our Expertise

We are fortunate to have a team of experienced, competent and qualified personnel who are always available to guide you to achieve your set objectives. Among them include Gerry who has an extensive background in real estate. He is a licensed contractor and electrician with extensive knowledge and years of expertise in the business. Others are Sheila, who primarily works on the front-end with sellers, Michelle (Lead interior decorator) and Lisa (Head of Marketing and Acquisition Team).  

Why Choose Us

We are a reliable, honest and transparent organization with years of expertise in offering real estate solutions. Our team of experts will allow you to sell your property fast with no realtor’s commissions. We also provide quality services to our clients and our focus is based on serving the community around us.     

As a company, we are fully committed to assisting every individual client. We focus on integrity, quick response and convenient delivery on client service. We always prioritize the needs of our customers. We have the capacity to help you achieve your goals. Find time and let us get in touch so that we can build success together.  

Hotline: 949-438-4343  

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