Reasons Your House May Not Be Selling

In a perfect world, your home would sell on the first showing, but in real-life, the truth is that it can spend months on the market, and things won’t always work out as you like. If you believe that your home has been on the market for way too long, you should start by considering the reasons, so you can take proactive actions to change the “for-sale” sign to a “sold” one.

  1. Inaccurate Listing Price

Whether your home was your primary residence or an investment property, there is no doubt that it means a lot to you, especially if you invested money and time in renovations. Of course, the house will be priceless to you, but it won’t be for the buyer. One of the biggest reasons why a house doesn’t sell is because it has the wrong asking price.

The value of your house will be influenced by different factors such as the current condition of the house, the market’s condition, the price of similar houses in the area, and more.

When you decide that you want to sell your house, consult a professional real estate agent or home value estimators to come up with a realistic listing price.

  1. Your House Fails to Create a Good First Impression

This includes both the listing and the showing. Your potential buyers will first look at the listing and if they notice bad quality pictures or insufficient information, they may lose interest in the home. Therefore, it is important to hire a real estate agent or professional photographer that will take some great photos in order to highlight the beauty of your house and attract potential buyers.

Now you need to think of the showing as well. Hire a professional stager to make the house look impressive for the potential buyers and get them to envision what it would be like to live in that place.

  1. Unusual House

Does your house have unique features that may not make it suitable for every homebuyer? Or is the property itself unusual, such as a house that is too luxurious or that is in an unusual area? This type of house was usually created only for the seller but no one else wants it. If this is your case, you should consult with a real estate agent about changing the marketing strategy or consult a local investor who will buy it for cash.

  1. Poor Curb Appeal

Is your paint chipping? Is your roof missing shingles? Your driveway looks stained and dirty? These little details can highly affect the curb appeal of your property and make it less attractive for potential buyers. Clean your house, improve the landscaping, and fix anything that could obviously affect the first impression.

  1. The Market’s Condition

The time of year when you list your home and whether it is a buyer’s market or seller’s market will have an important role on how fast you can sell your home, so always get advice from professionals and set a strategic date to list your home.

Has your property been on the market for too long? Don’t worry, you can sell it to us. Our company specializes in buying distressed properties, fixing them, and selling them again. So, if you don’t want to deal with having your property on the market for too long, contact us.

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