Rejuvenate Neighborhoods

You will have noticed that JAM Properties has a very clear mission, which is to rejuvenate neighborhoods. This is important to us because we are a family business. We believe that families are the heart of neighborhoods. When families are the core of a neighborhood, housing district, and region, people care about each other and their properties. We also know that families and rejuvenated neighborhoods increase the standard of living for everyone by improving the overall quality of housing for the residents in that area. Why is this the case?


Why are family neighborhoods important?

It is because your friends and family in your street can be relied on to care for your home when you are away or if there is an emergency. Should someone suspicious be lurking about or a water main line break, someone will notice and either confront the stranger or call the police. If something is wrong with your home, someone else cares. Why do they do this? Because they care about you.

Why do families move?

In a decade-long study, it has been shown that changing residences can be both a good sign and a negative indicator of family health. Some families move because they have received an increase in their household income, so they move to a new neighborhood. Some families have lost a critical job in the household, can’t meet mortgage repayments or divorce may force a change in living circumstances. When changes happen for good reasons, families may move but they often stay in close proximity to their original neighborhood. This is usually because the kids have friends, the school is a safe place that the parents trust and trusted friendships have been developed between parents in the neighborhood. At JAM Properties, we believe in helping families move and settle into a safe neighborhood regardless of the reason why you might move. We are a family business, and we care about families. If you need to move because things have become challenging, we can help by speeding up the process and enabling you to sell your house with speed and potentially move into a new home that fits your new circumstances. Why do we do this? Because the faster your family is resettled, the faster your children will keep their friendships and develop new ones. It also reduces the stress on adults.

Orange County is a GREAT Choice!

Whether you are dreaming of becoming a first-time home-buyer or looking to upgrade your current home, we can help. This is what we do, we are the experts. Our top-five locations we serve are Anaheim, Buena Park, Mission Viejo, Garden Grove, and Costa Mesa. One of the benefits of living in the Orange County area is that “employers certified in 2017 must pay at least $13.15/hour to all regular full and part time employees”. It’s easy to see which employers are certified because they display their certification prominently in their premises. This provides stability for many families, ensuring a ‘living wage’ is received for everyone in these businesses.

Neighborhoods are built on variety

If your family is newly immigrated or hold a non-USA citizen status, Orange County is a strong supporter of integrated immigration. Children can attend school, permits may be obtained and stronger communities that are stable can be built. JAM Properties is the expert in Orange County homes.

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