Renovations That’ll Improve the Value of Your Rental Property

Regardless of whether you have just recently purchased a property or you’ve been living there for a while, the quickest method of increasing your property’s value is if you implement a plan.

Curb Appeal Matters

Do you wish to have a fresh perspective on your property’s value? Simply take a stroll across the street, have a look at your property and ask yourself if you feel like your house looks warm, presentable and physically sound from the very first glance?

Try to create a lists of method to really bring emphasis to the positive aspects of your property and remove the negatives as much as possible. So for example, if your home has a really nice, curvy walkway, try accentuating the walkway with some beautiful flowers and nicely trimmed greenery. If the very first thing that your visitor sees is your massive car garage, attempt to guide your visitor’s eye to more pleasant sites by improving the gorgeous garden out front or giving your front door a fresh coat of paint.

Upgrade the Kitchen

If you ask any real estate expert, they will say that the top upgrade that brings in the best return has to be the kitchen. Some ideas may include…

  • Do a slight reupdate such as switching up the paint. This might sound super easy, but it really does work. In addition, you might also want to try paint a faux-wood finish onto your cabinets to give everything that ‘fresh as a daisy’ feel to it.
  • Add a little splash of vibrancy by choosing a new backsplash. New tiles are highly attractive and every single home improvement store teaches their students this.
  • Want another idea to really make your kitchen amazing? If your home doesn’t have one already, really make it rock by having a great island bench!

Beautify the Bathroom

Out of all the rooms in your property, there is absolutely no doubt that the bathroom takes the brunt of it all. With heaps of wear and tear, the main thing you would want to focus on it ensuring that it continues to function well and keep it looking good with appropriate upgrades as you go along.

  • Pay attention to your faucet. In today’s modern world, very few people want to have an old school utilitarian bathroom with drop sinks. Instead, they want to feel at ease, almost as if they are transported to their own private spa – so undermount sinks are definitely the way to go.
  • Get some overhead lighting instead of wall mounts in order to add some warmth and value to your bathroom.
  • Make improvements to your bath area. This renovation has an 85% return, hence installing a shower with body sprays and stone surround tiles is an investment worth making.

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