Sell House Fast: Lakewood, CA

Why should you sell house fast Lakewood, CA? Well, Lakewood is really on the real estate market’s radar these days with so many people wanting to buy into the Lakewood, CA property game. Located in Los Angeles County and bordered by cities, such as Cerritos, Bellflower, Long Beach, Cypress and Hawaiian Gardens, this city has a population of approximately 80,000 people.

Lakewood is sometimes referred to as “an instant city” due to its origins.  The city quickly developed from lima bean fields in the 1950s to a well developed city before the 1960’s. Lakewood is a wonderful example of a typical post-WWII American suburb. It’s  a bedroom community and one of the first large scale tract housing cities built in the USA following WWII.

The wonderful thing about Lakewood is that it is extremely community orientated. Since the founding of Lakewood in the early 50’s, the city government and local residents have taken great pride in creating beautiful parks and wholesome recreational opportunities for everyone. Popular community events include Pan American Fiesta, the Block Party, Concerts in the Park, Patriot Day and Halloween Carnivals, all of which help create a sense of community in our often fast-paced and busy world. There is also a wide range of family fun events specifically created for families to gather and enjoy an event or activity as a group.

This warm and laid-back community has a median household income of around $79,193, which is approximately 29% higher than the Californian average and a median home value of $424,200, which is approximately 9% higher than the rest of California. Overall, the residents of Lakewood enjoy a comfortable lifestyle where they can help each other to create a wonderful environment for everyone to thrive in.

In addition to the stable housing market and high income per capita, Lakewood, California boasts lovely, sunny weather, with its average summer temperature being approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  All of its residents are lucky to be able to bask in its lovely, glorious weather.

With all of these statistics and with everything that Lakewood, CA has to offer, it is by no means surprising that now is a prime time for people to sell their property! However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of realtors, putting in all that extra time and money into fixing up a property, then fortunately for you, JAM Properties always purchases homes the way they are. Sounds good? Well, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! There’s absolutely no realtor commissions as we will help you do all that nitty gritty paperwork without charging you.  If you sell to us, trust us when we say that you won’t ever have to pay for a realtor fee.

So to recap, JAM Properties, LLC is Orange County’s premiere real estate solutions company, with our main aim in Lakewood, CA being to help you sell your house as fast as possible and with as little hassle as one can possibly muster in order to come up with a home-selling solution that will bring benefit to everyone involved! Hence don’t hesitate to contact us at 949-438-4343 ASAP!

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