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JAM Properties are the experts you need to sell house fast Mission Viejo CA! With its beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods and founded on a large Spanish land-grant, it was very little use to farmers and ranchers due to the hilly nature of the geography. With over 96,000+ people in the region, now is a great time to sell in Mission Viejo CA with the number of home for sale reducing while prices had risen over 6% in a single month!

Mission Viejo is wonderful place for families to buy a home and settle into the area because of the innovation in the schools. This year, 6 educators were awarded the prestigious Teacher of the Year title due to their interesting projects such as remote controlled cars, fish-farming and sustainability programmes.

Because the number of houses available for sale is smaller, but the prices have increased, it means there is great demand for home to buy in Mission Viejo CA. If you have a home and you’ll like to sell it without fuss or hold-ups, here are 2 JAM Properties tips to help you sell fast.

  1. Focus on your critical timeframe, don’t focus on renovations. If you need to sell in the next month and your roof is leaking, it’s going to take at least that time to identify a suitable builder, arrange materials, set up scaffolding, water-cover the sections of the roof to be fixed and then the weather may make delays. So, if you have a time-critical need to sell your house, find a buyer with the skills needed to fix the problem and meet your greatest need, which is to sell faster. It can take on average 65 days to sell a house. JAM Properties have a full contingent of builders and para-professionals that can handle the renovations for you and enable your sale to be fast!
  2. Focus on a full-service partner and don’t allow financial processing to minimize your options. There are always problems related to buyers that have prearranged finance, or finance contingent on a valuation, or no finance arranged at all and the process needs to be started once the buyer likes your house. This can cause significant delays when you wish to sell your house. Research shows that it can take 50 days to complete a sale process when finance needs to be arranged and these 50 days can be on top of or extra to any days needed for renovations. JAM Properties does not use bank finance or need to get approval from anyone, as we have our own finance and can agree on a price with you and pay you the agreed price fast.

From the beautiful Mission Viejo Lake, to the interactive Coastkeeper Gardens with butterflies or the entertaining Buena Park, Mission Viejo has a wide variety of family activities and JAM Properties is constantly working with both sellers and buyer to ensure your property movements are handled swiftly and expertly.

Contact us today and see why we can help you sell your fast and buy fast in Mission Viejo CA.

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