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“I need to sell my house fast Orange County.”  If that’s you, then you are in the right place.  Let me personally welcome you on behalf of JAM Properties, LLC and tell you how we can help.  But first, here is a little more about us.

About JAM Properties, LLC

JAM Properties, LLC is made up of a talented team of individuals who have a passion for real estate and helping others.  We are a real estate solutions company that also participates in residential redevelopment projects.  Some of our specialties include foreclosure avoidance, distressed properties, and purchasing properties for cash in as few as 7 days.  We also renovate many homes in the area and re-sell them at fair prices.  You can learn more about our team HERE.

How do you help me sell my house fast Orange County?

The process is actually quite simple and completely free of charge.  You simply contact us by calling or texting 949-438-4343 or send an email to  You can also enter your information into one of the web forms on our site, and one of our home buying specialists will personally reach out to you.

Once you contact us, we ask for some brief information about your property to help us better assess the value.  Oftentimes, we can give you an approximate number for what we would pay for your house without seeing it.  If you are serious about accepting, we will look at the property in person and finalize all of the details.

What’s the catch?

We are NOT real estate agents, so you can avoid paying commissions.  We are not looking to list or sell your house.  We are looking to buy your house for cash and on your time-frame.  We also do NOT ask for repairs or inspections, and sometimes we are even able to cover your closing costs.  We truly cater our offer to our clients’ needs and take the time to listen to what’s important to you.  Let us give you our free, honest advice today.  No strings attached.

Get your cash offer

What are you waiting for?  Contact us today and get your free cash offer for your Orange County, CA house.  You have nothing to lose but so much to gain.  Let us give you an offer that works for you.

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