Selling a house is not a cheap process; you usually have to pay a commission to real estate agents and do expensive repairs or renovation projects to sell it quicker. Homeowners are currently looking to get the greatest profit from their home sale and the following tips will help you save money during the selling process.

Handle the Minor Repairs Yourself

Complex projects like changing the plumbing system require a professional contractor, but there are many minor repairs that you can DIY and save some money. Cleaning the house, changing the lightbulbs, repainting the walls, those are things that you can do. Even if you have to rent equipment, it will be less expensive than hiring a contractor. However, you need patience and time to do this. Homeowners usually take longer to complete the job than a contractor, so if you want to sell the house fast this may not be your best option. Also, if you break something or fail at repairing it, you will still have to call a professional.

For Sale by Owner

With this approach, you won’t need a real estate agent as you will be handling the marketing and selling process yourself, thus not having to pay a commission. You will definitely save some money, but this approach isn’t for everyone. You don’t have the same exposure and connections as real estate agents; you will need to price the house correctly and learn some marketing skills. If you are still brave enough for this, use listing services and put the house at a competitive price that will increase your chances of selling it.

Work with a Flat-rate Real Estate Agent

The real estate commission is one of the largest expenses you will have to deal with as a homeowner. The fee is anywhere from around 2% to up to 10% of the home’s selling price. Fortunately, you can work with a flat-fee real estate agent. They don’t take a full percentage commission, but instead charge a flat fee regardless of what your house sells for. They are usually more affordable than other types of real estate agents but are still qualified to handle the selling process including taking photos of your property, getting it into the top listing sites, as well as helping you set a price.

Tech Brokers

Tech brokers are a new resource emerging to help you sell your hose without the need for a real estate agent. You just have to pay a flat fee, and they will post your property on the MLS, assist you with marketing, and help you with setting a price and negotiating it.

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