Tips to Help You Get Your Offer Accepted on Your Dream Home

Searching for a dream home is no easy task. However, when you finally find it, the biggest challenge is keeping hold of it. While it is great to have finally found your dream home, there is a risk that the seller might not accept your offer. Hence, you should do your best to prepare yourself beforehand on how to write a strong offer. In addition, there are some useful tips you can follow to help get your offer accepted.  

1.  Writing A Strong Offer Letter 

At times buyers get very excited about purchasing a dream home. But they hardly think about what comes next; writing a strong purchase offer.   The quality of your offers is as important as the money you will pay for the home. Writing an offer poorly can lessen your chances of getting your offer accepted. Having said so, there are points you should include in your offer:  For one, you can explain what exactly you love about the particular home. Give details on how you vision your family growing up and expanding there.  Another important thing is to include all the features you noticed about that home. Let the seller know how those features are different from the rest and how they suit your needs.   You might also want to give information regarding your home search, specifically if you have been doing so for quite some time.   In addition, remember to include details regarding timing urgency. If you are expecting a newborn, for instance, you can state how buying that home would be a great way to welcome the baby.  You can as well state how the home is located in an ideal school district if you desire to undertake a special program there. 

2.  Become an Expert 

Doing your homework or due diligence is a perfect way to become an expert. The research will help you know what the process will entail, so all along you will be confident and comfortable. You can search for information on the internet regarding writing offers or even consult a real estate agent. There is a lot of information out there about the process of buying a dream home, so take advantage of this.  Check out what similar homes in the location are selling for.  That way you will be confident that you are making the right offer. 

3.  Set Your Finances 

Let the seller know that you can indeed get a home mortgage. Before you even begin your home search, ensure you have enough cash for a full deposit. Most states such as CA require a buyer to make a good faith deposit. This is to form a binding purchase offer.  Nothing is worse than falling deeply in love with a home that you cannot afford. Sellers do not accept offers if they don’t get confirmation that a prospective buyer has his/her finances in place.  

4.  Put A Price on The Home 

Though negotiating is allowed, you should not go very low. If you do, you will cause tension with the seller. This means that your chances of losing that property are high in case another person comes in with a higher bid.   Further, try as much as possible to avoid round digits. This will help you avoid making similar bids as those of other buyers. 

5. Once Accepted, Secure Your Purchase

As soon as the seller accepts your offer, request the seller to take the home off the market. In doing so, it will minimize the likelihood of getting backup offers. 


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