Top 5 Hidden Construction Costs When Flipping Homes

Flipping homes can be a great way for many people to earn extra money. But while the process of buying a house, upgrading, and then selling it for a profit might sound like a straightforward task, there will be many hidden expenses related with flipping properties that you should take into account when determining the overall profit. With that in mind, here are top 5 hidden construction costs when flipping homes.

Home inspections

In most cases, the lenders might require a comprehensive home inspection to make sure that there are no major issues with the overall structures. Even when they do not require this process, it is still a good idea to hire a professional inspector to examine your living space before making any final decisions. With the right knowledge and experience, an inspector would find out any underlying issues, which you might not notice on the surface. Although the inspection might be an additional cost, it will give you an overall idea of the essential parts of your house that need repairs or upgrades.


Maintenance costs are probably one of the most neglected hidden expenses when flipping a home these days. This might include fees for regular upkeep, cooling and heating system, and yard work to ensure everything in your house is working properly. By allocating some parts of your flipping budget for those expenditures, you could avoid making a wrong estimate, potentially saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Hidden Remodeling Costs

It is quite difficult to anticipate or measure the hidden expenses related to remodeling tasks. However, unforeseen events often occur during the flipping process, which you did not initially take into account. Thankfully, you can prepare for these hidden costs by allocating a part of the budget for “unforeseen events”. Also, it is always better to make a renovation estimate with the help of a consulting contractor. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind to add 3 to 5% extra onto the initial estimate, in order to cover these unforeseen costs.

Dumpster expenses

When flipping a home, many people often forget the reality is that they need to dispose of all the trash somewhere. Whether you buy a large dumpster or make a trip to the dump, you will need to spend some money on these services. In case you choose the latter option, keep in mind to take time lost and fuel costs into account. Contractors will also charge you more if you want them to cover any dumpster rentals.


Depending on locations, insurance fees can vary. But it is always better to cover everything so you can be guaranteed if any construction accidents occur. A good policy should cover all damage to materials, equipment, and the home.

That may seem like a long list of hidden costs, but flipping a house can still bring many financial benefits for a homeowner. By understanding these factors, we believe that you would pay attention to the details ahead of time and make a better decision to invest your money wisely. If you are planning to buy or sell your home, feel free to contact us at 949-438-4343 or With an extensive network of resources, knowledge, and many years of experience, we are the best solution to every real estate problem.

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