Useful Moving Checklist

If you are moving or changing your place of residence, this moving checklist is a great way to make the task easier for yourself and to let people know about your move.

Change of Address

  • At your local post office, you can request an address change form to fill out. Do this two or three weeks before moving. Just in case, ask your neighbor to check the mail at your old address. Call him or her back after two weeks and ask if something has arrived.
  • You should also notify all important parties like banks about your move, and you can update all charge accounts and credit cards.
  • If you are subscribed to magazines, newspapers, or like, let them know about your move 6 to 8 weeks in advance.


  • Transfer your funds to another bank, if necessary, and arrange all the essential bank services you use. When removing a safe deposit, transfer them to the safe box that you will carry with you when moving.

Insurance Companies

  • Declare your new location to your insurance company, whether it is health, life, fire, or auto insurance.
  • Ask for additional insurance for your valuable items from a moving company.
  • Ask if coverage for the new house is adequate.

Medical and Prescription Records

  • Ask your doctors to give you a good recommendation for another doctor at your new place of residence.
  • Also, arrange for all your medical records to be sent to the address of a new healthcare facility.


  • Ask about regulations, vaccinations, and licenses for your pets.
  • Make sure your pet is prepared for moving and take him or her for a vet inspection before that.

School Records

  • From the school that your child attends, arrange for all records to be submitted to the new school. Some districts require that these documents are sent directly from the school that a child attends so be sure to contact them.

Contact Your Utility Companies

  • Disconnect from your services one day before your move, and in the new house, all utilities should be turned on the day before you move in.
  • If you have any deposits, request refunds.
  • Make sure that all cable boxes are returned.

Pay Additional Attention to These Things

    • You should always have enough money or checks with you until you connect with your bank in a new place.
    • Bring valuable items, jewelry, and important documents with you carefully, or use only licensed services for this.
    • Re-check closets, shelves, or drawers for something you may have not packed. You can also donate anything you don’t need.
    • Hand over the old keys, house plans, manual instructions, etc., to a real estate agent for the next owner.
    • The driver’s license and car registration must have the new address.
    • Register in the city office so you can vote in the new municipality.

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