Ways to Get Out From Under a Mortgage

JAM Properties, LLC is a real estate solution company that seeks to provide clear-cut, concise instructions for how to handle issues with your home. Many times, there are a wide variety of issues that homeowners experience, and we have learned how to handle them. For instance, we help those dealing with almost any real estate problem, from foreclosure avoidance to navigating the probate process. Many times, we also help clients get out from under a mortgage.     

One of the ways that we do this is by purchasing the house for cash. If you are looking to sell your home but are concerned about which route to go or how to handle it, we advise people in the same situation. Selling for cash is often the best solution to get out from under a mortgage. It allows tremendous flexibility, as you can have the money in your hands very quickly. Often, when you deal with real estate agents, you will be piled in paperwork, have to do repairs, and you may not even get the home sold. Administrative costs can build up, and our goal is to help you get out from under your mortgage quickly and with no additional fees.    

We purchase your home directly, fix it up, and do our best to improve the surrounding community in the process. Many times, a house that is difficult to sell is one that is highly damaged and hard to rescue. Do not fear, because we spend a lot of our time renovating homes in order for them to return to pristine, selling condition. We also have a carefully curated list of buyers that we sell our houses to. When you sell your most valuable asset, it is important to know who you are selling the home to. The memories, the community and all that goes into the house are important to consider when selling a home.    

There are many more ways to get out from under a mortgage that do not require selling. Though that tends to be the most advantageous option, there are numerous more ways that can be tailored to your specific situation. We never force you to sell your home, nor do we want you to feel obligated to work with us. We simply want to help you find the best solution that will work for you personally.  Many times, owners are over-leveraged on their properties and are unsure of what to do. Other times, houses in major disrepair or a house in bankruptcy can be catastrophic in getting out from under a mortgage. Every situation is different.  We promise to find the most efficient and productive solution for your future goals.     

One of the best ways to know how to get out from under a mortgage is to have a free phone consultation with us, JAM Properties, LLC.  We are a team of residential redevelopers committed to helping homeowners out of almost every situation.  When you get us on the phone, we will have someone readily available to help you with any of the issues that you may have. If you want to explore more ways to get out from under a mortgage, give us a call as soon as you can. Our phone number is 949-438-4343.  You can also email info@jampropertiesca.com.

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