Why Is My Home Not Selling?

Has your home been on the market for months without attracting serious buyers? What you may have in your hands is a stale product. In the property world, if a home stays on the market for too long, it risks the possibility of failing to sell in the long run or attracting a much lower price than anticipated. But why isn’t your home selling? Often, selling a home successfully takes more than a beautiful house and the perfect location. It’s about seemingly simple things which could be off-putting to potential buyers.    

Poor Staging 

Would you buy a tasty burger packaged in dirty, old wrapping? It’s all about presentation. The way you stage your home during open-house days affects buyers’ attitudes toward your property. People want to feel at home when they walk into your open house. A good first impression can close the deal faster than expected. Simple things such as broken window glass, a dirty driveway, poor lighting, lack of fresh air, old sectional rugs and a generally disorganized home can discourage even the most desperate buyer.      

Wrong Season 

Understanding the real estate calendar is crucial to selling a home quickly. Just like most other industries, real estate has peak and off-peak seasons. Spring and Summer, for instance, are considered peak seasons. Spring makes it easy for people to go house hunting and to move to a new house without much hassle. Summer, on the other hand, ushers in an excellent mood for people to spend their savings on houses. Moreover, the children are at home and moving is easier with their extra help. The Winter season is considered the worst time to try to sell a home, even though it’s still possible to sell. With poor weather and the biting cold, few people want to be roaming from one neighborhood to another looking for a house unless it’s an emergency. Therefore, if you’ve put your home up for sale during the Winter season, you’re probably going to have to wait a little longer before the right customer shows up.      

Inadequate Marketing

The real estate world is highly competitive and those seeking to sell their homes are using multiple marketing channels to attract buyers. If you don’t invest in marketing, serious buyers will never know whether you’re selling or not. Fortunately, there are many ways to sell a home fast. Realtors or property agencies, for instance, are well positioned to connect you with countless potential buyers. They also have a good understanding of different markets and they know what exactly makes a buyer tick when it comes to selling homes.    

Over-Pricing and Lack of Flexibility 

Pricing is a key aspect of the property world.  This is why many sellers conduct a market valuation before putting their homes up for sale. A market valuation approximates your home’s current price. Sometimes, homes appreciate, and other times depreciate. Like any other homeowner, you want to sell your home for the most you can, but at times, your judgment on its value may be clouded. If you demand an exorbitant price that does not match the market price, you’re simply setting yourself up for failure and disappointment.   

Lack of flexibility is also another common problem that affects the sale of a home. If it’s a buyer’s market, you may not be able to afford to be rigid when it comes to your pricing. Your home may be attracting all the right buyers, but your inability to accept a good bargain may hinder you from selling in the long run.      

In summary, selling a home involves a lot more than putting a sign in your front yard. There are renovations, valuation, pricing, staging, marketing, bargaining, paperwork, closing deals and much more. It sounds like a lot of work because that is exactly what it is. This is why many sellers prefer to work with agencies or professionals within their locality in order to ensure a smooth sale.

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