Why Isn’t My Orange County House Selling?

Orange County can be a fabulous place to live, build a business and grow a family. When the time comes to sell your house – your family expands, your career takes you elsewhere or you’ve create the returns on your investment etc. – there is a great opportunity to make a strong profit because Orange County house prices have increased significantly over the previous decades. But, despite strong house price increases and increased availability of loans, some home owners are thinking, ‘Why Isn’t My Orange County House Selling?’  We’re going to give you some positive strategies to counter the problems. The majority of the issues revolve around expectations, staging and photos.

Realistic Sellers Sell

If you want to sell your home quickly, consider the average time to sell a house. In California, when times are really good for house sellers a property can change hands in less than 21 days.  But is  a normal market and even a slower market, the time can be much more and be counted in the months. Be realistic, have a plan B to ensure you can move to your new home, district or city even if you don’t sell your house in the desired timeframe. Therefore, be realistic about how long it will take to complete the repairs needed on your home, the time to market your property and the time it will take to review the offers that come in to purchase your home. You house will not sell if you rush the preparation or give off vibes of tension and desperation to potential buyers.

Location, Staging, Staging

The old saying was, ‘location, location, location’… well things have change to some extent and today’s successful property sellers understand that the worst house in a good street can still e sold for a strong price. This means the location does matter, and a helpful-factor is staging your house and the property in such a way that it draws buyer in – rather than sending them running away.

Staging your property could include washing the sidewalks, trimming the trees and replacing broken step-boards. It’s also about the inside of the house being bright, clean and well organised. Get rid of the sentimental curtains that were the first item you made for your home. Replace them with something modern that is not too distinct from the present colour or style scheme. See our previous blog for more ideas. Your house will not sell if you allow the property and physical home to look unloved and worn out.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

With the rise of social media, free ‘house for sale’ directories and 24-hour flyer printers, there is critical need for your photos to be top-notch. Most cellphones have great cameras. Many will do 360 degree images. All of  them can post photos directly to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There is no excuse for poor photography of a lack of images. Many houses do not sell because they simply look bad in the photos, are poorly cropped or show clearly that  little attention has been paid to  what can be seen in the image. Get a friend to take photos for you, if it is not ‘your thing’.

At the end of the day, if you want to sell your house with speed, no hassles and with no conditions, contact us today. We specialise in Orange County house sales. We don’t need a bank, usually settle the same week and can even support your move to a new home. Contact us today!

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