Winning The Maintenance Battle – don’t distress your property!

Owning your own home or owning houses for investment and retirement wealth creation is an exciting way to see your savings grow over time as the wealth of our family increases. Home ownership allows regular people like you and me, to buy an asset that can be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The value of that asset goes up over time, with the right care and attention. Because we specialise in property ownership, helping families buy and sell the right home for their needs, we have learned that caring for the home is critical over time. I’ve distilled below some of the areas that need attention and some reasons why property maintenance is important.

External Care

The first area of importance is the external care and maintenance of the home, including the walls, grounds and roofing. It is extremely easy for exterior paint to become scratched and damaged over time. If the small scratches and knocks are sanded and repainted, there is little to worry about, if the exterior of the home has scratches that increase in size or depth, the walls may allow water to enter between the bricks or wooden panels. Moisture in the walls of the home create rot and encourage the growth of mould and even worse, may provide a warm, wet place for insects or vermin to proliferate. Regular clearing of the grounds, cutting of grass and cutting long tree branches helps the exterior of the home to remain dry, exposed to the sun and damage free. One of the most important parts of your home is the roof. A clean, sealed and strong roof can last for decades, but a leaking roof can destroy a home within a matter of months. Why? Water in the ceiling of a home affects electrical wiring, making the home unsafe, fuses may blow and fires may start. An ongoing drip or leak, even in small amounts will weaken the structure of your home and may create fungus. Many respiratory health issues for young children can be linked to fungus spores and dampness in the home.

Internal Care

Secondly though also importantly, is the internal maintenance and care of your home. A regular schedule of checking and fixing is needed for all the electrical components in your home. The repair, substitution or reconnection of power controls, fuses, wall sockets, ceiling lights, fans, temperature control systems, and garage entrance openers. It may be that you do not have the time, expertise or funds to implement an ongoing plan of internal maintenance, but it is critical, as is a focus on the plumbing systems. We rarely notice how a tap works in the kitchen or think about the pipes hidden in the walls of our homes, but anything can and often does, go wrong. From faucets to pipes, hot water tanks, toilets, waste disposals, dishwashers, water-dispensing iceboxes, and washing appliances can all burst or over time a drip becomes a puddle that signals instant urgent action is required.

Has Maintenance Got Too Big For You?

At JAM Properties in Orange County we often find that distressed properties did not start in a bad condition, it was the change over time that a family could not respond to. If you have a home or investment properties that have become too much for you to handle, the costs of repair are scary or you just don’t know what to do, JAM Properties is here to help. Please call us now and we provide fast, cash solutions to remove the burden of a distressed property from families and individuals.

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